A simple and powerful way to clean the slate.

Let go of what you are NOT.


This course is about liberating yourself from fear, triggers, habits, patterns and limitations. 

  • Get rid of old habits, patterns, stresses and distortions quickly and permanently.

  • Release the past and make room for the real authentic natural you.

  • Be free and clear from fear and limitations and upgrade your life experience.

The short videos below contain information about the course, why you might need it and what's inside.

The Online Course

Everything in this course is accessible the moment you receive it.

There is no waiting required, nor is the completion of one chapter necessary in order to access another one.

You are free to study in whichever order and at whatever speed you prefer.

The course is also available as PDF e-book and as a physical book.

  • Online Course: THE WHOLE ENCHILADA $244                                                            23 videos, 2 audio files (guided meditations), 14 text modules, a bonus chapter about 13 more letting go methods, a quiz and interactive components.

  • PDF: 68 page text only version of the chapters of the Online Course $22

  • Book: This is the text only version of the chapters of the Online Course $37              It is a letter size quality, sturdy, spiral bound book for daily use, study and practice.