Hello and welcome!


The more specific the question is, the more specific the answer can be!


  • The Tarot Readings are great for getting to the bottom of a particular current situation or relationship.

  • The Astrology and Numerology Readings are great for getting the frame work and layout of your life's setup. Great for your calling in life and main life direction.

  • The One on One's are best if you need a live talk, either to just sort yourself out, or for deep transformational work or for a live reading, or a mix of all of these. Please know that you do not need to know beforehand which direction you want to take it. We will make the best of your time according to what is happening in the present moment. I am very good a pin pointing an underlying theme. You can book via the store and arrange a time with me after you check out or schedule yourself using the online calendar and checkout.


Please feel free to contact me if:

  • there is anything you'd like that is not listed here in the way you need it

  • you are not sure what would work best for your situation, just describe to me what you need assistance with

  • you have a certain budget in mind but are not sure what to pick

  • you have no time constrains on a reading and would like to allow for it to unfold as it does and wish to be billed once the reading is done

  • you have an emergency and cannot pay for your reading at this time



If you have a more complex or serious situation or just really want to get to the bottom of something, I love this combination of readings:

  1. First do a Tarot/Astrology reading

  2. Then follow up within a week or two with a One on One session to talk things through that came up for you in the reading.



All the best to you and looking forward to connect!